Tank Trouble 2

Tank Trouble 2, available at http://2tanktrouble.com/, allows you to play a variety of flavors – such as vs. the computer (if you’re alone), or 2 players – or even 3 players. It is a version of game that has many variations throughout the internet, and if you like this game then I highly recommend looking for Tank Trouble 3 (or other versions of this version of the game that are available on other sites).

It loads natively in your browser – with no annoying or dangerous downloads, using the power of the internet to turn Google Chrome or a similar modern browser into a gaming device for you to enjoy some time blowing up your friends or family in their little animated tank, with yours!

Tank Trouble 2The Playing Field
When you start a match, you and your opponent/s are placed randomly throughout a randomly generated match, and there are a series of walls that appear like a puzzle that separate you. You must hunt each other down throughout these corridors and win the game by destroying your opponent/s. The game is incredibly simple and young children are very much able to enjoy playing with an adult – it’s easy to learn, addictive, and fun to play!

Regardless of your choice, the players can control their tanks using a set of keys on their keyboard (for instance, the arrows to the right-center of a standard keyboard) to move, and then another key (depending on where your movement keys are, like ‘m’) to fire.

Tank Trouble 2 laikaA Match
Throughout the course of the match, power-ups appear in a maze of impassable walls. You must navigate the maze while hunting for (or running from) your opponent/s, while collecting powerups that allow you more interesting or powerful attacks using your attack key. Some of the powerups include a massively explosive attack that damages the walls as well as any enemies (or yourself!) that are caught in the devastation – and another example of a powerup is a straight-shooting laser that gives you an outline of the laser’s trajectory, so you can plan an attack that bounces off many walls before annihilating your enemy!

The objective of the game is to destroy your opponents more times than they destroy you. Be careful, though, as an attack you launch that bounces enough times may return back to destroy your tank and earn your opponent a point!

Addictive, fun and appropriate for all ages – Tank Trouble 2 is the perfect opportunity for a distraction or for a whole afternoon of competitive fun with your younger siblings or children, and is a perfect way to introduce them to the world of PC gaming.